Initial Consultation

At Insight Chiropractic, we will be starting with a 30 minutes Initial Consultation for every new patient.

Our initial consultation aims to understand the root cause of your problem by proposing an individual treatment care plan based on your diagnosis.

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The Session Flow

DSC04553 JPG - Initial Consultation

Health History Review

Upon starting the consultation, a new patient form will be given out to provide us with background information about yourself and your family medical history, prior injuries or existing health conditions.

It is very important to declare any and all health-related matters to allow us to better facilitate your needs.

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Chiropractic Consultation

Our chiropractors will start with various questions based on your health-related conditions. This also includes identifying problem areas you may have.

​ Next, is a thorough chiropractic examination of your whole body as well as the key areas discussed to understand your situation better.

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Report of Findings

Based on the patient’s history and chiropractic examination, our chiropractors will explain the findings and the prognosis of your condition.

Our Chiropractors may require you to go for imaging to rule out any red flags and help us understand the structure of your spine to generate the most effective care plan.

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Chiropractic Care

Once our chiropractors have identified your needs, the following treatments may include a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, dry needling, and physiotherapy.

Our chiropractors will walk you through the process and advise you on these accordingly.

We would love to meet you!

Feel free to come on by and get yourself checked by us – we welcome those of any age (from babies to the golden generation!).